TeamGrowing Training

Get people moving

                                                    The first step towards a new culture

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Your goals

We expect you to have (some of) the following goals:

I want my team(s) to:

  • take initiative and decide autonomously

  • achieve innovation

  • be good at self-organizing

  • functions well and achieves its goals

So that I can do my work:

  • focus on the market and the customer

  • deal with changes in context

  • help set company goals

  • ...

After the training

I can achieve my goals by:

  • creating a positive and constructive environment

  • my increased ability to unleash the motivation of individuals and team members

  • improving collaboration in the team by cultivating positive relations

  • helping the team to achieve a higher level of impact and satisfaction

Because I have acquired the skills to engage in a positive way with my team and have impact on their motivation, collaboration and satisfaction they get out of the job and the team.

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We would love you to acquire these insights:

  • what you focus on grows, so best to focus on positives

  • stop solving problems and creating an 'ideal past', instead focus on creating a better future

  • get satisfaction from helping others realize their goals

  • you can actually learn and practice it to make this happen

  • you can use these skills in a surprisingly large number of situations

After the training, you can really set people in motion...

These challenges make up the training backlog

  • How NOT to deal with resistance
    (Motivational interviewing, Sergio van der Pluim)
  • Understanding each other’s strengths and pitfalls
    (Personality Styles according to DISC, inspired by Merrick Rosenberg’s book High Flyers)
  • How to change, when change is hard
    (The rider and elephant model, inspiring nine change strategies from Chip and Dan Heath’s Book Switch!)
  • Cross-team collaboration
    (We investigate cross-team dynamics in the Saboteur simulation)
  • Professional development and knowledge sharing
    (Getting Started with the Skills Compass)
  • Roles and hand-offs
    (We investigate the effectiveness of hand-offs in the Kapla simulation)
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We also work on

  • Exchanging knowledge with participants from other organizations;
  • Facilitating and coaching teams (virtually);
  • The effect of positive coaching on team learning;
  • The Lean and Agile philosophy behind team learning;
  • Increasing ownership and employee participation;
  • Initiating and maintaining an improvement process led by the team(s).


The training requires the appropriate setting - it just cannot be done in a traditional classroom. That is why we look for inspiring locations.

The training lasts two days and we stay for the night. So we can really get to know each other. Like a real team.

We will also support each other after the training, experience shows. That is why we organize TeamGrowing Refresher meetings.
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Get your team moving.

Set the first step in the TeamGrowing approach and help your team grow in self-organization.