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Become a servant team leader

Teams have always been important and the recent evolution to agility has reinforced the move to autonomous, multi-functional teams. 

The importance and role of the team leader has grown too. As a team leader, you need to be supportive, listening, coaching, and still a leader. You represent the new style, the way people interact in your organization.

You make change happen. You do not deal with resistance, you motivate. You do not give orders, maybe some advice, but you mostly help your team members discover for themselves, together, how to handle issues.

You build a learning team that can handle the pace of change.

The Team Leader foundation training gives you the essential tools and insights to take  up the challenging role of Team Leader of a learning team.

The TeamGrowing model

Linda and Remi-Armand started developing the TeamGrowing model on the lovely island Zakynthos. Marie created the image of the Spinning Top to embody the essence of the model.

Teams should iterate stepwise through phases focusing on transparency, improvement, collaboration, customer focus and learning as a team. And then all over again, now at a higher level, with the team coach as a driving and stimulating force to keep the top spinning.

The TeamGrowing training uses this model to structure the interactive team exercises that a team leader or a team coach can use to help their teams to grow in maturity and confidence to become more autonomous, better at taking decisions together and happier in sharing compliments and positive feedback.

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

The training

The Team Leader foundation training takes two intensive days, filled with exercises and experiencing the effect of them.

The training is ideal for you if you recently became team leader, or if you have more experience and your organization moves to a new team-based, more agile culture. Also, you can be a scrum master realizing how much your teams rely on you to make  change happen.

Whatever your background, prepare for a two-day discovery of a new style that will change your views in many, profound ways, and make you a better, servant team leader.

Discover how to become a servant team leader.

For the sake of your teams...