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Improve your business processes and make IT Service oriented!

IT in the hands of the customers is transforming the world. Your internal organisation needs to optimize the 'customer experience'. That customer experience does not only involve the service or product you offer, but also the way your customer experiences the IT supporting the delivery as well.

Business and IT alignment becomes ever more important. A valid model for this integration is the use of (BPM) Business Process Modeling describing the way you deliver products and services to your customer, and mapping that to the IT-services supporting the processes.

Standardizing your IT and using best practices and governance frameworks wil help you master IT.

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Consulting in Lean and Agile

A management shift is happening. Middle-management becomes less important. Executives define the direction, staff get more responsibility and can act faster, pay more attention to quality and innovate at a higher level.

The movement gained momentum in ICT and is gradually being incorporated in all of the business processes.

Lean-Agile provides unprecedented opportunities to integrate business and IT and become an engine of innovation.

The consultancy we offer lies in the following areas:

  • implementing SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework)
  • transitioning towards DevOps
  • using Kanban in order to improve business and IT cooperation and to facilitate change
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ADJUGO aims to be the top Scaled Agile training and consultancy organisation in Belgium. We frequently organize SAFe4 Agilist training sessions. Sessions for SAFe Product Owner/Product Manager and SAFe Advanced Scrum Master are available upon request.

We offer these training sessions in-house as well, in Belgium as well as in other countries. Please feel free to contact us at training@adjugo.com.

Please check out our training calendar.